Help Us

Help Us
If you would like to contribute to the Trusted QSL project join the TrustedQSL reflector and drop Darryl a line and tell him a little about yourself.

If you have a web site you could help us by placing the tQSL logo  on your web site with a link to the Trusted QSL web site. Just copy and paste the following HTML fragment to an appropriate place on your web site.
<a href=””><img src=”” alt=”Trusted QSL Home” title=”Trusted QSL Home” width=”50″ height=”24″ border=”0″></a>

We feel that this is a worth wild project and we could use as many like minded individuals as we can get together to help us spread the ideal around the world. You see, we know that one person has little chance of actually making a difference unless they go about it in the best way possible. We need to get people who are willing to work with us in order to get the word out to others that will continue to get the word out. Please, pick up our torch and run with it. ( So to speak) We understand that there is only so much each of us can do but what we are asking is only that each of us do that little bit that they can. If we all come together with this same goal in mind, each doing just a little. The many hands will make light work of this project and we can begin to set our sights on something just a little further up the food chain.

This is the way that we can change the world. We need to continue to apply this same process to project after project. All the while reshaping our environment into something that we can once again feel right at home inside of. I am tired of not feeling like what I do makes a difference. It is for that reason that I choose to take part in something bigger than myself. I have chosen to take up the torch and carry it but I want you all to know that I am but one man. I can not carry the torch in every direction. I can not go unlimited miles while holding it high above my head. I need help to do these things. If we all take a torch and carry a little flame in every direction then pass it along to more and more people then and only then will we accomplish what we have worked so hard to do..

I can not even stress the importance of action in this matter enough. We really all need to start doing something to make the needed changes we all find necessary. Now is the best time for that.

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