May 20, 2002 – New Look
Trusted QSL has launched the new look for its web site. In order to keep the information at this web site current we invite you to pass on any information relevant to its Goals and Mission and please report broken links to Sylvan.

June 3, 2003 – ARRL Logbook of the World BETA Test
On May 15, 2003 the ARRL announced the Logbook of the World was open for beta testing. See “Logbook of the World” Enters Open Beta – Testing Phase for more details.

Until recently we spent a lot of time going back and forth to the basement. This is because we keep the archives in the basement. We are always having to put stuff down there or bring it back up. It seemed, sometimes, like we were just spinning our wheels by doing this over and over. It was day after day and week after week. I spent the first ten years at this position doing the same thing.

It really took doing but I finally convinced the upper management that there is a better way. They had known about cloud storage before I came along but they were hesitant to move over to digital storage because of the project associated with that move. It took years to finally set up a meeting to discuss the elephant in the room and believe me when I say that I was not about to let them go on by without this update. They didn’t know they needed it but it was easy to see for the rest of us who actually had to get our hands dirty every day. When I explained to them that 5 hours a day was spent by their employees just in transporting files to be reviewed, they began to see what the final expense really was.

They told me that they knew the company could not afford a high dollar project to have the files transferred over to a new system. When I explained that they could start by adding all new documents to the system and slowly transfer the remaining files over time they began to agree. Once I had them on their heels I did not stop. I explained that it was much more secure to hold these copies digitally because should anything happen we could always find them. If there was a fire or a flood in our building right now today then the company would likely lose countless clients over the resulting firestorm over lost documents…

At that point they authorized me to oversee the project. They gave me a budget and two assistants. Since then, life has been much, much easier to handle. I don’t ever have to lift heavy boxes of paperwork anymore…

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