Trusted QSL


The mission of the Trusted QSL Group is to keep eQSL an open and free activity for amateur radio operators by promoting the Digital Signature Standard (DSS).


The goal of the Trusted QSL Group is to set the standards and create the necessary tools and software needed to implement the Trusted DSS model.

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Open Source License

The standards and source codes will be licensed using the Opening Source License. This means that you can use it how ever you wish as long as you do not attempt to prevent others from doing the same. This doesn’t prevent log book authors from using the libraries and then making money off of them. The only sources that they would be required to release on demand would the sources to the libraries. This could be done by pointing them to this web site.

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– Physical exhaustion / Lacking vitality/ Feeling burnt out

– Decrease in muscular strength

– Decrease in sexual desire / Decrease in libido

– Decrease in ability and frequency to perform sexually

– Increased need for sleep / Sleep problems resulting in often feeling tired

– Increase in Nervousness and / or Irritability

– Joint pains and muscular aches

– Feelings that you have passed your peak / Depressive moods

but also makes every effort to fine-tune the process of aging prior to the onset of degenerative aging. This proactive, preventative approach to age management medicine appeals to even folks in their 40’s and early 50’s since they are more aware of the issues of aging process than most since they have watched their own parents deal with such age related issues.

Just as the goal of the Trusted QSL Group is to create and set the standards and necessary tools and software needed to implement the Trusted DSS model,a Cenegenics age management team encourages folks to take control of their aging process. They will create an individualized plan for each patient that will include not only education, healthy nutrition, exercise programs, but also possible medical interventions related to balancing and optimizing hormone levels. These may include testosterone and DHEA, vitamin / herbal treatments, along with other cellular protective medicines and of course general preventative medicine. Cenegenics has set the standards for anti aging medicine.

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